Fully Alive… And all that New Year’s jazz.

“The glory of God is man fully alive.”

St. Irenaeus


What he said.

Fully alive.

As in, not just not dead.

Not just registering a pulse.

More than merely existing.

(Breathing in, breathing out)

And not simply self actualizing.

But living.

And moving.

And having our being.

In Him.

For Him.

For His glory.

Making the most of every opportunity He brings.

Great or small.

(A lot of greatness looks small, by the way)

Using our giftings.

In scary new ways.

(His ways are hardly ever our ways, by the way)

Being afraid.

And doing it anyway.

Risking failure.

Exposing weakness.

Accessing Grace.

Over and over again.

Finding our lives.

By letting our “selves” go.

Letting Him take His time.

Have His way.

Work with our wiring.

Through it.

Despite it.

Redeeming it.

Reclaiming it.

Restoring it.

And somehow in all of this…

Becoming who we really are.

Because the world needs us that way.

Fully alive.


That’s my New Year’s prayer for you.

And for me.

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