PODCAST- Breakwell, James Breakwell: Bare Minimum Parent Extraordinaire

Bare Minimum Parenting jpgAt last, the parenting advice you never asked for, yet somehow desperately need…

Seriously, even if you don’t have kids, you need to listen to this. It’ll make you want to go get some, so you can do your bare minimal best to bring them up in this crazy world.

Aside from being LAUGH OUT LOUD funny (and this coming from someone who refuses to write LOL on sheer principle… oh dang, look what you made me do), there’s some actual WISDOM in them there pages, and in our chat, of course.  It’s like the guy’s some sort of accidental sage or something.  Or maybe that’s just what he wants us to think.  Maybe we’re just playing right into his Bare Minimal Plan.

I see how you are, Breakwell… James Breakwell.


JBreakwell Profile 2.0
If you like what you heard here,  there’s more, oh so much more where that came from .           Get James’s book and check out his other hilarities at explodingunicorn.com 

Bare Minimum Parenting jpg




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