PODCAST- Misfit Manifesto Part I: Own Your Awkward



Here’s a Fun Fact:  We, the Misfits, have been around for a whole year now!  Well, at least THIS faction of all the misfits in the land… but yes, 4 whole seasons of Owning Our Awkward, Loving Our Fellow Misfit and Seeking Beauty and Truth in all the weirdness of life… and that, my friends, is cause to celebrate!

And Celebrate we will!

FIRST...  by a Podcast Series dedicated to our Core Values (See the afore-mentioned) –
Listen to Part I (Own Your Awkward) right here!


Oh yes, it’s back!  And it’s more RANDOM, and more AWESOME than ever! What kiiiinds of things, you ask?  Oh, that’s the fun of it – You just don’t know.  But there will be actual value to (at least some of) the items.  And the others?  Well, that’s what regifting is for.
And that’s all you’re gonna get out of me!

So here’s how this all goes down.   You can enter by one or more of the means below:
1.  Subscribing to this blog if you haven’t already (look on the bottom of the screen)
2.  Refer a friend (or 2)  to subscribe (& let me know in comments… they’ll be entered, too… and you for as many as you refer!)
3.  Share this podcast  and/or this blogpost wherever/however you share stuff(and let me know in the comments)… one entry for every share, btw!

I’ll announce the winner in early October… on a RANDOM DAY of my choosing (see what I did there?)

And… VOILA – THAT’S how we party around here… Misfit Style!

I leave you with this bit of randomness… cause I made a random reference to it in the podcast… and it made me smile… and somehow, made me thirsty.




3 thoughts on “PODCAST- Misfit Manifesto Part I: Own Your Awkward

  1. Those 70’s folk singing together look like cult members. If I saw them in an open field walking toward my car, I’d roll up the windows and speed the blazes outa there.
    Get back, you zealots.


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