PODCAST: Cori Salchert- Bringing the Dying Home to LIVE.

I Will Love You Forever

Most of us avoid loss whenever we can.

I know I do.  Not a big fan.  No thank you.

But today’s guest… ok, it’s probably not fair to say she runs toward it like a fireman runs into a burning building, but then again… in a way, she kind of does.

She literally welcomes the dying into her home.
But not to help them die.
To help them LIVE.

And she’s the first to tell you she’s no “hero” (although I kiiiind of disagree…), she’s just an ordinary person.  Ok, we’ll let that go for now.  I hope she doesn’t mind, though, if I take some liberty here, and say that what she has chosen to DO with her time is,
in fact nothing short of extraordinary.  And yes, heroic.
All the more so because of how unassuming she is.

You definitely want to hear this beautiful, honest conversation.




And after you hear it, you’ll probably want to buy her book!  You can do that here:



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