Iz Holidae: Artist. Adventurer. Recovering Workaholic. Oh yeah, and Missionary with a Big Old Dream.

Just Iz
Here she Iz!  See what I did there? Izn’t she cute?  Ok, I’ll stop now.

Oh, it’s indeed a jolly Holidae with this adventuring, artsy/crafty/hairstylin/makeup artist/spa ownin/Lord of the Rings lovin/recovering workaholic Missionary with a BIG vision to provide SOLLIEVO (that’s Italian for TOTAL RELIEF) and restoration to missionaries who desperately need it.

And did I mention she’s a friend of mine?  Not that I’m trying to brag.  Ok, yes, I am.  I am bragging.  But can you blame me?

Listen to this honest conversation about her eclectic journey, her struggle with workaholism (which I’m sure NONE of us can relate to), and her God-inspired dream to use all of those eclectic gifts and experiences to come alongside other workaholics out there in the name of Restoration.


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