We… Have… a… WINNAH! And a bonus PODCAST!

Magic garden
It’s blurry, I know.  But that just adds to the retro nostalgia.  Kind of like a dream of the 70’s. So yeah, just go with it.  

Congratulations to the latest member of the RANDOM DRAWING OF RANDOM AWESOMENESS WINNER CIRCLE…

Eydie Mitchell – come on down!

That’s right.  The books, the gift card, the whole shebang, it’s going out to YOU, for your enjoyment, regifting and/or repurposing pleasure.  ENJOY!

And for the rest of you… I didn’t want to leave anyone out, so here’s a bonus.
Not a consolation, mind you.  But a BONUS.

A podcast.  JUST for YOU.

Seriously.  Listen to it.  I think it will encourage you!



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