PODCAST: Lost Your Passion? No Bootstraps Here, but… a Good Old Fashioned REBOOT, with Justin Jones

Got apathy? Who cares? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Truth be told, a lot of us struggle with apathy without even realizing it, because we mistake our “busyness” with passion.

In other words, we are TOO DISTRACTED to notice how passionless our lives really are.  Didn’t mean to yell at you there, but, you know, distractions.

So today’s podcast is all about dealing with our apathy/distractedness, recognizing what’s keeping us from truly LIVING, and doing something about it.  And yes, it’s from that there faith based perspective we like to talk about here, but I’ll tell you what:  even if you’re not on that page, hang on, cause there are lots of transcendent takeaways you can, um, take away…  so it’s still worth your time, my friend (remember, it’s one of our core Misfit VALUES here-  Seek Truth In the Weirdness of Life – ie. wherever it can be found!)

So go ahead, take a little listen.

Justin Jones
Justin and his lovely wife Janelle.  Pretty cute for Mac lovin Millenials, aren’t they?

You’ll like Justin.

He’s a Millenial, yes, but he has no Instagram account if that tells you anything about his free thinking, independent spirit. He is a Mac Guy, though, so there’s that. Oh yeah, and he uses a lot of computer terms.  You should still listen, though.  If for no other reason than to find out how much he really knows about Apple Products.  Cause I quizzed him.  Oh yes, I did.

Listen here:

You can get his book here:

Access the discussion videos here:  http://ehwc.org/reboot
(I think I accidentally gave the ehwc address as .com on the podcast – it’s .org!)

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