PODCAST: Does this Mirror Make Me Look… Deceptive? Chatting with Sandy Brownlee about her new book “The Mirror Lies”

The Mirror Lies
The Mirror Lies – has intrigue written all over it, amIright?

Everyone’s got a story.  And everyone’s got a secret or two.  Often that’s what makes the stories even juicier.

Not that we’re not here to blow all YOUR secrets.  Oh no, we have much more class than that.  (Besides, I’m always the last to know the scoop about anything).

Told ya, she’s a ginger like no other! Find her on: facebook.com/TheMirrorLies

But we ARE here to talk with author/director/transmedia storyteller/all around good egg, and most of all, one of my all time favorite gingers, Sandy Brownlee, whose brand new book “The Mirror Lies” is on the verge of release.

It’s a story about secrets… and the lengths we go to keep them… and the lies we believe… and the truth that’s out there, waiting to be found, and told…  and all that there.

If you’re into good story telling, I’m just saying, this’ll be right up your alley.

Listen in here!

Are you a comic book/graphic novel artistic type?  Sandy may be interested in talking to you!  So go’head, get a hold of her!

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