scaredy cat
Yes.  This is, in fact, an actual Scaredy Cat.

Is there something you want to try,  but you’re just plain skeered?  Then Welcome to Scary Monday, cause that’s what we’re all about here- frightening ourselves silly in the name of personal growth!

I’ll let the scary video speaks for itself. But the point here friends,  is to challenge and/ or inspire you to do something that scares you… in a non- psychologically traumaticizing or harmful to humanity sense, of course… Something productive.  Something that will force you out of your comfort zone. Something like that there.

And if I have to slightly humiliate myself to accomplish the task, so be it.





Oh, and let me know what scary thing you want to try. I know there must be something.  Let’s cheer each other on!


AND… Don’t forget… we’re doing a RANDOM DRAWING OF RANDOM AWESOMENESS for new subscribers through Midnight February 13th!!!  Drawing will be on Valentine’s Day – Stay tuned for more details!!!

3 thoughts on “SCARY MONDAY: It’s BAAAAACK!

  1. Well, this whole business of scaring yourself IS pretty disorienting… but once you click and play, it (hopefully) rights itself, and all’s well with the world again!


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