Top 10 Reasons It’s a Wonderful Life is the BEST Movie OF ALL TIME

Bedford Falls pic
Now that it’s December, I feel it’s perfectly legit and socially acceptable to talk about anything and everything related to the Holiday Season.

And today, I want to talk about this.  Just because I can.

So without any further adieu, and as per the title of this post, I give you…

The TOP 10 REASONS “It’s a Wonderful Life is the *Best Movie – not just at Christmas, mind you, but –of ALL TIME

10.  Jimmy Stewart.  The end.

Yes, that is his actual autograph… along with the rest of the cast!

9.  Shout out to my hometown by the Bank Examiner when he tells
George Bailey that he wants to wrap things up because he wants to spend
Christmas in “Elmira with muh family”

8.  Despite some unfortunate theological incongruencies what with bells ringing and angels getting their wings, admit it, every time a bell rings, a part of you does wonder…

7.  The scene between George and his dad at the dinner table.
Every mundane detail about it.  Brilliant.

 BONUS: Shout out to my second home town in the song
“Buffalo Gals can’t you come out tonight…”

6.  That  scene between George and Mary when he comes
to visit her at her house… so wonderfully awkward.

5.  Despite the fact that I have seen this movie at least 100 times, I still can’t figure out whether or not the guy who   tells George he is in Pottersville and not Bedford Falls,  is actually William  Frawley, who played Fred Mertz on  “I Love Lucy”…
it’s kind of  nice to have an unsolved mystery every now and then.

4.  That great alternate ending done by Saturday Night Live, when the town
beat the crap out of Mr. Potter.  Sure, it  would have destroyed the purity of the movie…
but because it was an SNL skit, it was far enough removed to preserve its integrity
while satisfying that banal part of us that wants to see Mr. Potter
have the crap beaten out of him by the  townsfolk.

3.  Two words:  Zuzu’s Petals

2.  The line:  “In the whole vast configuration of things,
I’d say you are nothing more than a scurvy little spider.”

In the ... in the whole vast configuration of things,


1.  The motto on the wall in the Bailey Building and Loan:
“All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.”


 Puts one in mind of another similarly great quotable quote:

No doubt Lennon and McCartney were fans, so we’ll forgive them any charges of plagiarism.

And there you have it. Why do YOU love this movie? You know you do, or you wouldn’t be here. 🤓 Let me know in the comments!

So Seneca Falls NY (which legend has it is the “real” Bedford Falls) has this very cool annual “It’s a Wonderful Life Festival”… which I went to last year… and though this isn’t THE bridge… it’s a lot like it…  and yes, I walked on it, and no I did not jump… Oh, and it’s THIS weekend, too, that is Dec 8-10… if you’re anywhere in driving distance, it’s totally worth going!

* Yes, yes, I know I said The Castle is the BEST movie… glad you’re paying attention. (You can read that one here if you have no idea what I’m talking about)

But so is this one.  They both are.  Ok?  

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons It’s a Wonderful Life is the BEST Movie OF ALL TIME

  1. We are also fans of this movie and will be attending the “Welcome Home, Harry Bailey!” Christmas Buffet dinner Sunday. My husband and I recite lines from the movie to each other all season long.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. #5. We’ve always wondered if the guy fussing over the tree is William Frawley!!
    This and “The Grapes Of Wrath” are my husband’s favorite movies of all time!!


    1. That’s so funny, Jodi, I’ve wondered the same thing! Of course, a quick Google search would solve it, but there need to be a few mysteries in life, so I’ll keep wondering… 🤫
      Have you noticed, though, he flubs his line the second time he meets George, and says something about “two trees”?


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