WINNER! WINNER! Nope, not a Chicken Dinner. Even Better!



We had a whole bunch of entries, which is pretty darn exciting for me anyway, and I thank each of you kindly!  So before I announce who the winner actually is, let me just milk this a bit and tell you how much fun it’s been putting together this  eclectic little mix of gifties. OK, OK let’s get to it. Are you ready? Are you sure you’re ready? OK then, what are we waiting for? Let’s do this!

Congratulations to Alice Zambrano, our winner of December’s Random Basket of Random Awesomeness!*

In addition  to all of the other fabulous prizes pictured in my previous post (see Cyber Monday if you didn’t read it yet), dear Alice, you’re also going to get books from some authors featured on the podcast throughout the month of November,  as well as various and sundry other random (and don’t forget awesome) items, including this right here.

Oh, she was good!

In case you’ve never heard of Sarah Groves, what the heck? Here’s a little sample, so you will understand just how tremendous this gift is!

I happened to see her  in  concert just last night, and she was so good I did two things as this sort of involuntary, geeked out reflex  to the goodness:

1. Bought a bunch of her CDs  to give away to people just like you!

2. Boldly approached her  in my own endearing, awkward way, (you think I just preach this stuff and don’t practice it, huh?) and invited her to be a future guest on a podcast… which, to my delight and utter surprise she actually said yes! So THERE’S something to look forward to 🙂

In the meantime, Alice, enjoy these gifts. They’ll be shipped out to you soon. Thanks for subscribing, and a big THANKS  to ALL of you for your subscriptions, your shares, your comments, and encouragement!  I believe I owe a bunch of you haikus, and I promise to deliver on that promise 🙂

We will be doing this all over again for next month so same rules apply. Share, retweet, subscribe, get a friend to subscribe,  or complete stranger, that works too,  help me spread the word and I will ENTER  you for the next random DRAWING, which will be an all new AWESOME for an all NEW YEAR!

And most of all, keep owning your beautiful awkward and loving all those beautiful misfits out there. 🙂


*You do live in the continental US, right? I hope!

2 thoughts on “WINNER! WINNER! Nope, not a Chicken Dinner. Even Better!

  1. It’s true, folks. I was there. After beautiful accolades and heartfelt encouragement for Sara’s amazing music, our dear Leader Misfit invited Sara to an interview in an absolute awkward and endearing way. 🙂

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