PODCAST: Tahni Cullen, and a Story You Won’t Believe… But You Should… Cause it’s TRUE! (Part 1)

I think my run on sentence heading says it all.

Josiah's Fire
And yes, perhaps you think it’s hyperbole when I say her story will blow you away.
Oh, but just you wait, my friend… Just. You. Wait.

In fact, what she shares is so intriguing, we’re going rogue here and doing a TWO PARTER for the first time in Isle of Misfits History.  THAT’S how good it is, my friends.

I will say this much:  If you know anyone who has been touched by autism…  seriously, you need to share this podcast with them.  Or anyone who has felt like they’re dealing with something too big for them to handle.  Cause this’ll work for them, too.


Tahni Cullen
The Cullen Family… check out Tahni’s webiste: tahnicullen.wordpress.com/

And then… stay tuned for Part 2… coming soon and very soon!







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4 thoughts on “PODCAST: Tahni Cullen, and a Story You Won’t Believe… But You Should… Cause it’s TRUE! (Part 1)

  1. Autism Mama of 8 years.. Still so much time learn!! God Bless all the Autism Mamas and Daddy’s out there but most of all God Bless our amazing kids!!


    1. Yes, Heather, amazing is indeed the word! So much wisdom shared by Tahni, and great takeaways, whether you have a child with autism, or really, just facing any challenging situation.
      Thanks for reading and commenting :^)


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