PODCAST- Patricia Beal: Ballerina. Army Wife. Woman of intrigue.

A Seasonb to Dance Patricia BealIsn’t it just the way of it?  The most humble, unassuming, down to earth people always tend to be the ones who have these incredibly FASCINATING stories?

Maybe you know someone like that.  Maybe you are someone like that (in which case, hey, I have this podccast, you know… maybe we need to talk).

In any case, that pretty well describes today’s guest.

For starters, how many immigrants do you know who came to the U.S. speaking no English whatsoever, and ended up with an English Literature Degree?  Magna Cum Laude, at that?

patricia beal
Visit patriciabeal.com to get her book… and for a soothing musical experience… 

And that’s just the beginning.

I think you’ll love this woman’s story.  And her wonderful insights about, oh, everything.

And I think just based on THAT… you’ll want to read her book.

But don’t take my word for it.  Listen for yourself!




Oh, and P.S.  Don’t forget this month’s RANDOM DRAWING OF RANDOM AWESOMENESS! A Season to  Dance will be part of the fun, but there’s SO MUCH MORE RANDOMNESS, trust me.  Enter by subscribing if you haven’t already… or getting someone else to subscribe (just shoot me a message to claim your subscriber).  Winner will be drawn Dec. 1st, and notified here on the blog (unfortunately, I can only mail within continental U.S. right now… until one day when we are a far reaching global entity…  then no limits, baby!)

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