PODCAST! Eat. Play. Love. With Steve Arterburn

steve arterburn book

I almost hate to tell you anything about this thoroughly fascinating discussion, because, well, you just need to listen to it.  That’s all. But I will tell you, it was thoroughly fascinating (ok, I guess I already told you that) on a  few levels.

On one level, he threw out a few fun facts and stats that, well, let’s just say as a church goin married ladyyyyy, at once intrigued me and made me hyper aware that here I am, a church goin married ladyyyyy having an open discussion about, well, you know, married stuff… (#ownyourawkward) Is that vague, yet provocative enough for you?

On another level, some of his findings to help people regain th
(or maybe just plain old gain) passion in their marriage were so beautiful in their simplicity, it is a fascinating thing to consider how we can miss the obvious.


So yeah.  Great discussion.  Lots of wisdom from Dr. Arterburn… which really shouldn’t be a surprise.  He is, after all, something of a marriage and family guru (if a Western guy can be considered as such!)

Listen to the whole chat here:


Find out how to get his book, written by Steve and his lovely wife Misty, here:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29491882-the-mediterranean-love-plan

Oh, and did you know Dr. Steve has a call in show, where you can. like, call in and maybe have your own fascinating chat with him?  Check it out here:  http://newlife.com/broadcasts

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4 thoughts on “PODCAST! Eat. Play. Love. With Steve Arterburn

  1. I love New Life Live! And I would be so excited to listen to your interview with Steve A. But I don’t see the think in your email. I’ll check your blog page.

    Yay! Such good stuff.


    1. Hi Erin! If you click on the link that takes you to the website, you should be able to listen to it there! (for some reason, the soundcloud audio player doesn’t attach to email) Thanks! :^)


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