PODCAST! From Death to Life, One Step at a Time… with Edie Sundby

Mission-Walker-FTDSo let me tell you a little story about life.  As in, living life in the face of seemingly certain death.  Oh, and it’s a story about walking.  Lots and lots of walking.  As in, a literal walk of faith.  It’s a true story, by the way, not one of those “come on, you’re making this up just to give Snopes checkers a reason to live another day” type deals. No, I don’t play those reindeer games, my friend.   This is the real deal…  and actually, it’s a story you need to hear but from the one who lived it, because I can’t do it justice.  Her name is Edie Littlefield Sundby, and here’s how she sums it up:

 “My story is not about avoiding death…  but living life.”

(you know you want to hear more now…)

Listen to our conversation on The Isle of Misfits podcast here:  



Pick up a copy of Edie’s book The Mission Walker here:

Get in touch with Edie here (she said she’d love to hear your questions!) https://www.facebook.com/TheMissionWalker/

One thought on “PODCAST! From Death to Life, One Step at a Time… with Edie Sundby

  1. Ha, reindeer games. I get it. This was truly inspirational. I love this woman’s spirit. She’s like the unsinkable Molly Brown dsweet walking style.


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