Podcast- Shelley Shepard Gray, and all things amish and christmassy

What could be better than all things CHRISTMAS in December?
Why, all things AMISH, of course!

And because we are all about making dreams come true here on the Isle, we’ve got you covered on both counts, with New York Times BEST-SELLING author Shelley Shepard Gray, no less!

She stops by the Isle to talk a little bit about her latest book “Christmas at the Amish Market”.
And to dominate at “Whose Amish Line is it Anyway” Stupid Game. This woman knows her Amish movie quotes. Just sayin.

You might also say she knows her subject matter. She has, after all, written upwards of 100 novels centered around the Amish culture; but more than that, she knows how to write good stories about rich characters who just happen to be Amish.

It would be a great interview any time of the year… but throw in Christmas and now it’s just over the top.

Listen for yourself!

Get Christmas at the Amish Market wherever you like to buy your books – here is a good place!
You can also find many, many other books by Shelley HERE
Own Your Awkward

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