Podcast- Betsy Braun & The Power of a Moment

“Everyone is one step away from the worst decision or the best decision.”

What do you do when you get a random text like this on your phone?

Why, you call the random texter, hit the record button (with their full permission, that is, this aint no sting operation) and have a spontaneous conversation about it. Of course. What else?

Friend of the Misfits, Movie Buff and all around Theatre Director Extraordinaire Betsy Braun joins us for a random-text-inspired spontaneous conversation about the power of our choices… not to mention an impromptu Stupid Game: Movie Edition. Oh what fun!

I love me a good random text inspired spontaneous conversation, and I think you will, too. Lots of golden nuggets here.

Listen here, and receive said nuggets:

There she is: The Movie Buff/Theatre Director Extraordinaire/Random Texter/Dog Lover herself!
(I got this picture from her LinkedIn Profile 😁)
Own Your Awkward

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