And The Winner of the Stupid Game is…

You didn’t think I was just gonna say it right up front, did you?

What fun would that be?

Besides, that’s not how they do things on Shark Tank at all. They stretch it out, go to commercial; you know, keep you hanging. It’s good for ratings.

So if it works for them, it’s fine by me.

But we really do have a winner. And I am going to announce it. All in good time, my dears. In fact, you might say I already did. In this here vlog. Go ‘head, watch it. 😁

So… Congratulations, person named in video!!! You get your very own genuine “Own Your Awkward” Mug…

…and whatever other awesomely random things I might find laying around the house. You wouldn’t happen to have room for an orange bathroom sink, would you?

No, seriously, welcome to the Misfit Mug Club!🤓☕️

And to the rest of you… until the next Stupid Game… THANKS for playing!

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