30 Days of Misfit: Day 2

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, lately, but…

People are kind of annoying.

Not you, of course.

And certainly not me.

Of course.

I’m talking about Them.

THOSE people.

The annoying ones.

The self centered ones.

The “world revolves around me” ones.

You know the type. They’re everywhere these days.

And they’re sooooo annoying.

For real.

Not to mention Inconsiderate.


And Narcissistic.



And Puh-rideful. Unbelievably prideful.

Oh. Oh. Oh, and how about this: They want to be heard more than they want to listen. Don’t you just HATE that?

And how they’re so quick to point out every flaw in everyONE and everyTHING, everyWHERE… But expect you to overlook theirs.

The nerve.

They’re frequently offended… but not nearly as concerned with being offensive.


And ENTITLED. Amiright? Like the world owes them something.

Can you believe them?

They want mercy. They crave grace. But somehow they forget to show either.

It’s like they’re clueless.

Like there’s a disconnect somewhere, keeping them from self reflection.

As if they think the problem with the world lays with everyone else… but them.

It’s sad, really.

And so, so annoying.

Why can’t they be more like us?

You know, cause WE’RE not annoying.

Certainly not us.

It’s them, I tell you.


Of course.

For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.” Romans 3:23

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