PODCAST- Amanda Barratt, and a dangerous little thing called THE TRUTH

Amanda Barratt is back! I love that she keeps coming back. She classes this place up.

And as if a RIVETING Stupid Game: Niagara Falls Edition, wasn’t enough reason to tune in… I can’t wait for you to hear what I feel is a really timely and important discussion, about her well researched take on the amazing, inspiring and most of all TRUE story,
“The White Rose Resists” – all about a group of German university students during WWII, who were brave enough to go against the tide of cultural propaganda, and lay their lives on the line by speaking, and spreading the most dangerous thing of all: the TRUTH.

How do you know who to believe, in an age of mixed messaging?

What makes someone brave enough to take a stand?

What does it look like to stand for justice?

How do you know if you’re on the “right” side of history?

Tip of the iceberg, friends… All that, AND Niagara Falls? How are you not listening already?

I’m just telling you. There’s something here for you. Some little nugget. Or big one. Take your pick. There are enough nuggets for everyone.

Find her BEAUTIFULLY written book, “The White Rose Resists”, and all things Amanda Barratt at, where else? AmandaBarratt.net

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