Podcast-Amanda Barratt, helping us through this time of weirdness

Today is the 75th Anniversary of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Martyrdom.

And while that may seem a weird thing to commemorate, I get it, but these are weird times we’re living in. Just in case you haven’t noticed.

And in times such as these, we must be open to encouragement wherever we can get it.

Enter Amanda Barratt. Or as I like to call her Amanda R (for Research) Barratt (cause the woman knows her stuff).

You may remember her from a while back, when we chatted about her WONDERFUL book, My Dearest Dietrich, based on the true story of his romance with Maria Von Weydemer. (You can listen to that one here).

I asked her a few months back to come chat again, just thinking it would be cool to riff a little more on Bonhoeffer, cause like I said, Amanda R. Barratt. Little did I know all those months ago, how very cool, in fact, it would be. Is cool the right word? I don’t know. It’s all so weird. Anything goes these days. But my point is this. I think this is a well timed conversation, cause my man Dietrich has some things to say to us. Right now. He didn’t even realize it then. He was too busy speaking things to the world that needed to be said in WWII. But we’re glad he said them, we’re glad she researched him, and we’re glad we can be encouraged by him today.

So yeah. That’s why you should listen. A little encouragement to get you through the weirdness.

Thanks, Dietrich.

Thanks, Amanda.

Here’s her next book, coming out in May!
Wanna be on her book launch team?
Find her on https://www.facebook.com/AmandaBarrattauthor
or AmandaBarratt.net

One thought on “Podcast-Amanda Barratt, helping us through this time of weirdness

  1. Great podcast Nancy and Amanda. My favorite quote of the session was about considering the suffering of people more than the smokescreen of their annoyance.
    We began to pray for a couple of coworkers in than vein yesterday. It opens the door to love them.
    Looking forward to the book!


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