PODCAST- Christmas on Purpose, with Malinda Fuller

What? December 1st? How did this happen? Why only yesterday it was still November.
And now… here we are, fully immersed in the holiday madness. Guess that’s just the way of it. The holidays are what happen to you while you’re busy making other plans. Or something like that. Guess it’s just inevitable. Right?

Wrong! At least, not if Malinda Fuller has anything to do with it.


She’s back on the Isle, and just in time, to talk us down from our Christmas calendar craziness. Kind of like her gift to the world. Cause she’s just that way.

And speaking of giving, I’m in that kind of mood myself, being that it’s Christmas and all…
so I’ll tell you what I’m a gonna do.
No, let me show you instead. That’s always better.

This little beauty could be yours… x2! Not the coffee, though. That part is up to you.

That’s right. I’m giving away not one, but 2 (TWO), count’em 2 (TWO) genuine Misfit Mugs, which I hear tell are guaranteed to make all your favorite beverages taste a little more awkwardly delicious. And who doesn’t want that?
All you hafta do to enter is subscribe to this here website (you can do that by scrolling to the bottom right where you’ll see a pop up “follow” box and enter your email)… or give me a shout out here to let me know you’ve shared this… or just say hey… it all qualifies.


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