PODCAST- Living with purpose. On purpose. With Anita Agers-Brooks.

Do you ever feel like you’re asking too much? You might, rabbit, you might. (Shameless Bugs Bunny reference, for those of you playing at home)

Or… maybe not.

Maybe the problem is, you’re not asking for enough.
Maybe, just maybe you’ve set your sights too small.
I’m just sayin.
Maybe there’s more. Exceedingly more for you.
How can you know, though?
You might need to listen to today’s podcast to find out for sure.
I’m just sayin.


Among her many other wonderful qualities, Anita was also merely one degree of separation away from the late Country music great, Troy Gentry. I wouldn’t lie about a thing like this!
Want an autographed copy? You can get your very own here!

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