PODCAST- When Hope Seems Lost… Tracking It Down with Sarah Beckman

Available March 5th!

It’s either gonna get better… or it’s gonna get better.

Pithy? Perhaps.

But a deep and powerful truth, no matter what you’re going through.
Of course, tell that to someone who’s truly suffering. Somehow the pat answers don’t sit too well.

And yet… there’s something in us that clings to hope, isn’t there? Why is that? Is it just wishful thinking? Our guest today says an emphatic “No”. And I think she makes a good case.

Of course, that’s just my take. But of course, that’s what you get here. You know that by now. But since you’re here anyway, you might as well give a listen to this conversation with Sarah Beckman. She knows about hard times. She’s been through them. And yet… she is still adamant about this hope business.


Like I said; Listen!


In addition to getting her book (which you really should), you can also find out about some other cool stuff Sarah’s involved in – things like Healing Haiti and Mercy Chefs – at SarahBeckman.org

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