PODCAST- Jami Amerine is back! And realer than ever… and that’s a good thing!


If you’ve hung around here enough, or at all, you know we place a high premium on being real.

Not like “reality show real”.  That’s too scripted.  Too produced.   Cue the fake drama. No, here, we are all about being our real selves, with all that goes with it.  Quirks. Brilliance. And everything in between.

That’s why I love talking with Jami Amerine.  She is as real as you get.  And whether you agree or disagree with everything she says, is actually not entirely the point.  Though she’s got lots of down home wisdom and insight to share, what comes through loud and clear is her clarion call to come as you are to Jesus.  As you really are, not the scripted version of yourself that you’re hoping to pitch to The Discovery Channel.

And that’s something worth talking about… and listening to!

So go ahead and give a listen here:


Jami Amerine
Yes, that’s her. The REAL Jami Amerine!


Visit Jami at her mothership, sacredgroundstickyfloors.com to find out how to get her new book… I hear she’s even got recipes there.  That’s what I call a full service website!

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I’ll announce the winner Friday Nov 2nd!  (continental U.S. only)

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