PODCAST: Ginger Harrington- The Sequel

Ginger Harrington

We had so much fun in our last chat, it just seemed like the right thing to do to have Ginger back… (and I’m so glad she wanted to come back!)

Some of the new territory we covered, among other things, includes her life as a military spouse (Semper Fi!) and her ministry to military families, Planting Roots (hey, maybe you know someone who’d like to go to their next conference, Strength2Thrive, in October- check it out here: http://www.plantingroots.net/events/ )…

But that’s not all. Oh no! There are plenty of other nuggets-o-wisdom being bandied about here  (and yes, Ginger’s doing the bandying, make no mistake) for Misfits, far and wide.

Like this here “The messenger is NOT the message.” Hmmmm.

Of course, if you want the context around it, you’ve gotta listen.  And of course, you’ll thank me.


Oh yeah, and this handy printable to help us all get over ourselves…  Good stuff!


Finally, don’t forget to check out her book, Holy in the Moment, either at her website (see above), or here:







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