PODCAST: Speaking of Champions… with Craig Johnson

“Sometimes your situation may not make sense. That situation may be a surprise to you, but God has known about it since the beginning of time…He knew it would be hard, but He knew you could depend upon Him so His glory would be revealed through your circumstances…Our job is to never quit until God reveals the miracle of His plan.”

Wow, that’s pretty profound.

As if the profundity in itself wasn’t a dead give away, the above quote is not my original thought. Shocker.  I know.

It’s from a book written by our latest guest on the Isle, about his son Connor, who happens to have autism.  But it’s not just about autism.  And it’s not just about Connor.
It’s about facing overwhelming situations.  It’s about persevering when it doesn’t make sense.  It’s about trusting that God sees what we do not.  At least, not yet.  It’s about… well, maybe you should listen for yourself.

And you CAN do just that.  Right here!


Learn more about Champions Clubs here!  https://www.championsclub.org/

And, of course, you can pick up a copy of Champion… right here:

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