PODCAST: PEOPLE ARE GOOD… or as I like to call it, NO JERKS ALLOWED – stories to inspire you- with Anna McHargue

People Are GoodThis world would be a perfect place… if it wasn’t for all those people. (insert dramatic eye roll here)

Come on, you’ve thought this.  We’ve all thought it, at least once in our lives… or once a day, every day…  the point is, there are some real jerks out there.

Not you.  And not me.  This goes without saying.  Of course.  It’s them… (repeat eye roll, now add a sigh)

But NOT today.

Today it’s all about the Non-Jerky people, you know, the ones who actually go out of their way to show kindness, encouragement, maybe that little thing we like to call unmerited grace?

That’s right.  Not everyone’s a jerk.  Or at least, not all the time.  We have the capacity for good.  And sometimes we even access it.  And that’s good to know.  And most of all… it leaves us wanting more.

Listen in on this inspirational conversation with

anna mchargue
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Anna McHargue, about her book “People are Good”.  Cause, well, it’s inspiring… and couldn’t we all use a little more of that?










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