Cyber Monday… So Good to Me…

You’re supposed to read that heading like the Mamas & Papas song “Monday Monday”, just in case you didn’t know.  And if you’re too young or just plain out of the loop of ultimate late 60’s/early 70’s greatness… here you go:


So yes.  It’s Cyber Monday!  It’s CYBER MONDAY!!!

And you know what that means.  Insane Sales you can’t resist!!!

But alas… I have no sales to offer you.  Darn it all.

But wait.  I have something even better.

I have FREE Awesomeness for you.  That’s right.  And not just any Awesomeness.


And did I mention… it’s FREE???

At least, in the “it will not cost you any $ whatsoever” sense.  It WILL, however,   cost you a mere smattering of your time,  about 23-47 seconds  is our best estimate.  That’s what our team of over qualified engineers determined in a highly controlled, space-age laboratory timed test, that it will take you to  SUBSCRIBE to this here bloggety blog.  And as you know, engineers are never wrong.

Oh, and here’s just a wee taste of what could be ALL YOURS!


No, you’re not dreaming.  It’s really happening.  The Ugly Sweater Kit  COULD be yours…
Along with the other stuff you see before yours eyes.  Not the bowl, though.  I need that. You understand.

But wait… there’s even more!  The RANDOM BASKET OF RANDOM AWESOMENESS will also include books from authors interviewed throughout this month… like THIS ONE!
(just not the headphones, cause I need those, too)



… And maybe I’ll even throw in a bonus book or two if I’m feeling really crazy…






Oh yeah, and there’s this, too… But again, not the microphone, computer or sound level thingie… cause… you know, we’ve been through this.   The  coffee, though?  All yours, baby… IF you are the winner!




And, like I said… that’s just what we know.  There are still 3.75  DAYS LEFT of November, so who knows what other randomness might show up at your door!*

So there you have it, folks.  You know what to do. You have until November 30th, btw :^)






* Continental U.S. only… for now…








4 thoughts on “Cyber Monday… So Good to Me…

    1. Hi Steve! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 you can subscribe by scrolling down to the bottom of any page on the blog, and you should see a box that pops up and asks for your email address. Then whenever there’s a new blogpost or podcast you’ll be notified immediately in your email. And for subscribing you’ll be entered in our next giveaway, so yay for that! 🙂


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