PODCAST: From Mere Peace to All Out Shalom… with Osheta Moore

Shalom Sistas


My favorite conversations are with people who are so comfortable with who they are, they allow you to be comfortable right back.

And you know how I feel about “owning your awkward.”  Big, big fan.

Well, there’s nothing awkward about today’s podcast  guest, my friend, but I’ll tell you, she definitely is someone who makes you feel it’s ok to embrace who you are… and that’s the beginning of this whole Shalom Business.



Osheta Moore
Osheta Moore:  Peacemaker, Podcaster…. and I hear she makes a mean Red Beans & Rice… just sayin. You can visit her at shalominthecity.com 


In fact, she wrote a book about it, cause you know, that’s what authors do.
And you get the feeling she doesn’t just write about this stuff:

She lives it.



But you can listen… and decide… for yourself!



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