PODCAST! Heaven is not our home? What??? Talking Eternity with John Eldredge

All Things New John Eldredge
John Eldredge has made some pretty bold, unapologetic statements in his career.

Statements like, “Men are seeking a battle to win, and adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue”, or how about this classic-  the Gospel was not meant to be a “sin management” system…  The man pulls no punches.  And, agree or disagree, one thing you cannot ignore, if you’ve ever read any of his books, is the call to rethink (or maybe just think, period) about what you’ve always believed, and ask yourself why?

Here on the Isle of Misfits, we are all about the why; questioning our assumptions, digging past what we say we believe and finding out why in fact we believe it, if in fact we really do.

That’s why I’m so glad I had the chance to talk to Mr. “Here’s Another Bold, Audacious Claim that Might Just Make You Indignant as a Knee Jerk Reaction” himself, and talk through perhaps his boldest, most audacious john-eldredge-pic1.jpg
and unapologetic claim yet:

Heaven is NOT our eternal home.

“Blasphemy!”  you say?

Ok, hold that thought.  And listen in…

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One thought on “PODCAST! Heaven is not our home? What??? Talking Eternity with John Eldredge

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, BTW, to the winner of the random drawing for a copy of All Things New – Tammi Northrup!
    Stay tuned for more contests, cause believe you me, there will be more! :^)


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