A few words about REALity

Happy September 21st! In honor of this momentous occasion (do you remember… the 21st night of September…) here is one of my favorite social media trends happening as we speak. Do you ever feel like the dream and the reality just don’t match?That there’s a disconnect between what life is supposed to look like… and […]

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A few words about life & stuff

Once upon a Misfit Time… I was a counselor with a Pregnancy Care Center. In those years I had the privilege to sit down with hundreds of beautiful young women facing unplanned pregnancy and the uncertainty that goes with it. Mostly I listened to them. Many trusted me enough to admit they could never choose […]

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It’s not THeM…

Lots of crazy stuff going on right now. As if you didn’t know.The kind of stuff that makes a Misfit do a little thinking.And here’s my crazy thought: What if the world, crazy as it is, ISN’T the problem? Wacky, I know. But hear me out. Yes, the world DOES seem to have become a […]

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Podcast: Misfit Monologues, Vol. 1

We talk a lot of Misfit talk around here… but what exactly do we mean by Misfit, anyway? After all, One Man’s Misfit is another Man’s… Miscreant? Misanthrope?Mis…cellaneous? See what I mean? It’s such a loaded term. That’s what today’s podcast is all about. We’re breaking it all down,, Misfit Style, in a short-ish and […]

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