It’s not THeM…

Lots of crazy stuff going on right now. As if you didn’t know.The kind of stuff that makes a Misfit do a little thinking.And here’s my crazy thought: What if the world, crazy as it is, ISN’T the problem? Wacky, I know. But hear me out. Yes, the world DOES seem to have become a […]

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Podcast: Misfit Monologues, Vol. 1

We talk a lot of Misfit talk around here… but what exactly do we mean by Misfit, anyway? After all, One Man’s Misfit is another Man’s… Miscreant? Misanthrope?Mis…cellaneous? See what I mean? It’s such a loaded term. That’s what today’s podcast is all about. We’re breaking it all down,, Misfit Style, in a short-ish and […]

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What makes you hold back? Is is it a fear of failure? Or of succeeding?

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