Podcast- The Vacillation of Expectation, with Allen Arnold

Sometimes it’s good to get “triggered”.

Like when you listen to a podcast that pushes your buttons, reach out to the host of said podcast, and end up having an insightful podcast conversation of your own, processing said triggering.

That’s what today’s episode is all about, with our good friend Allen Arnold, said co-host of the Wild at Heart podcast. So it’s his fault, really. He’s the one who suggested this.

The topic of the day, btw, is expectations. And how we navigate them.
Thus, the triggering.
So here’s your assignment.
1. Go listen to this week’s Wild at Heart podcast “Rethink Your Summer”:
2. Note any triggering that pops up.
3. Come back and meet us here to process it

And then maybe you can reach out to me and I’ll end up on your podcast, processing your said “triggering”… and continue the loop into infinite podcast realms.

Now wouldn’t THAT be something?

But seriously, I’d love to get your feedback on this topic.
Even if it’s just your answers to this week’s Stupid Game.

In fact, maybe, just maaaaaybe I’ll send something random to someone who leaves a comment with their answer(s).

Stupid Game on!

Own Your Awkward

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