PODCAST- Jeane Burgess: Coach, Consultant, Creative encourager

“The tree that’s planted by the water isn’t phased by fire.”

(from one of Jeane’s many Insta Stories)

That’s all you need to know about today’s guest.

Ok, I’ll give you a bit more. Since you’re here and all.

Jeane Burgess is a coach, consultant, creative encourager, it’s true. Aside from all that, she is also a publicist extraordinare. In fact, she’s probably responsible for about half of the guests we’ve enjoyed owning our awkward with over the years (THANK YOU JEANE!!!). So it was high time we had her join us. And not just because we owed her one.

Aside from all that, Jeane’s got a story of her own journey to tell. And she gave us the honor of being one of the first places she is stepping out to begin to tell it. The story is bigger than just one podcast, of course, so think of it as a trailer; a teaser, if you will. And like any good trailer, it’s going to make you want to know more.

So enough teasing on my part. Go listen! Be encouraged. And pass it on. Cause that’s how encouragement works best!

Need some coaching/consulting/publicity?
Check out her website here: https://talloak.media

Need even MORE inspiration? Check out HER podcast! “Bloodlines: Tales of Indigenous Women”
Own Your Awkward 🤓

One thought on “PODCAST- Jeane Burgess: Coach, Consultant, Creative encourager

  1. What an inspiring post! Jeane Burgess is such an accomplished coach and publicist, and it’s great to hear her personal story as well. The teaser for her story definitely left me wanting to hear more. As a reader, I’m curious to know what inspired her journey and how she overcame any obstacles. What was the biggest lesson she learned along the way? Can’t wait to listen to the podcast and find out. Thanks for sharing!

    Y. E

    Liked by 1 person

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