PODCAST- Amanda Cleary Eastep is BACK… and better than ever!

Is she a plotter or a “pantster”? Wouldn’t you like to know! 
You may also like to know what a “pantster” is… This my friend, is how we play the teaser game. Read on!

Author Amanda Cleary Eastep joins us for another riveting Stupid Game, and a fun and somehow very deep and meaningful conversation about courage and curiosity and compassion… and oh yes, I believe we also talk about her latest two books in her Tree Street Kids Series, Lions to the Rescue, and Mystery in Crooked Creek Woods.

One of the funnest things (and frankly mindboggling, to me) here on the Isle is when we have return guests… and Amanda is particularly in the FUNNEST category – aside from being a celebrated author, she’s got street cred with Moody Press as an editor, she’s been in all kinds of magazines, curriculums, devotionals… basically she’s what we call an authoritay in the realm of writing to and about young people… on themes and in such a way to appeal to the “kid” in all of us… and most importantly (in my Misfit book, anyway), she’s just a pure dee-light.

I know you’re going to love this conversation. And that’s not presumption.
That’s just plain fact.

Seriously, what is a pantster? Get to know Amanda more here!

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