And an Awkwardly Amazing Thanksgiving… to you!

Happy Thanksgiving to my Fellow Misfits across the U.S.A.! And for those of you outside the states, Happy Thursday 😁 🗓

I love this holiday. Food, folks and fun. Now what’s the matter with that?

Oh, I know… crazy uncles… politics… health checks at the door… and most of all, the self imposed stress created by unrealistic expectations of a perfect day that has yet, in the history of the world, to exist.

Maybe that’s why I like this day so much. Because for me, it’s not about the day so much as it is The Before.

Think about it, most of our celebrations are spent in the “Before”:
Before it all comes together.
Before the guests arrive.
Before anything looks presentable… including (ehem) myself 😁

The Before is an important part of this day…

You see, a wise person once said to me that God values the process as much, maybe more, than the finished product. And I think it’s oh-so-true.

The process may not be aesthetic. It may be “messy” (Christianese for downright U-G-L-Y)

It may include an occasional meltdown (or two… ok three)… You might feel lonely (WHY is no one helping me???), unappreciated (can’t they see all I’m doing for them???) You might even find yourself thinking, what is the point of all of this?

Oh, but there is a point! And the point is, you are alive. That is I’m assuming so if you’re reading this. Your life isn’t perfect. Neither is mine. People annoy you, I get it. It’s possible you might annoy those people, too. I know I do. Quid pro quo, and all that there. But we’re alive. And that’s a good thing! Life is a gift. And there’s a lot of beauty, even in these awkward, tedious, meltdown moments. And I for one am thankful for all of them. And all of you.

And who knows… maybe your crazy uncle has a point?

Anyway… happy Thanksgiving! May it be Awkwardly Amazing! ❤️

6 thoughts on “And an Awkwardly Amazing Thanksgiving… to you!

  1. Thank you Nancy, a blessed message today. I plan to be a misfit today, truly thankful for all god has blessed me with and a light and servant to all I am with.


  2. Thank you your message Nancy. Yes, we tend to put ourselves full of expectations on how the day should go. We all needs to rest, embrace and celebrate our unique awkardness!


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