30 days of Misfit: Day 14

Monday, Monday- can’t trust that day.

Poor Mondays. I think they get a bad rap. All that dread and anxiety building up to it over the weekend… it never stood a chance.

I do get it, though. Monday means the dream mini vacay, and all the sleeping in and lolligagging is over. Not to mention the gallivanting. Oh, how I love gallivanting. And the thing you put off all last week (and the week before that)… time to face it again. Time to be an adult.

Yeah, Monday sucks.

No, wait! That’s not where I was supposed to be headed. This is where I’m supposed to turn that frown upside down and say something inspirational and Monday Motivational, like, but it’s also the day of new beginnings, new adventures, a merciful restart, reboot, do-over, Monday Funday, and all that jazzy jazz – cause that’s true, too. And then I’m supposed to say “So get out there and make it a great one!” At least, that’s how it all played out in my head.

The truth is, though, I think Monday is a magical combination of all of the above: Dreams and Dread. Cause, really, what dream doesn’t contain therein at least a little bit of dread? Every adventure worth its salt is scary. And at times even mundane. Just like the week ahead of us. In some ways I wonder if we dread the mundane of the known even more than the scariness of the unknown?


I wonder if we dread the mundane of the known even more than the scariness of the unknown?

But even in that mundane there is potential. Potential to try, try again, and get a little bit better at whatever it is we’re try, try, trying to do. Potential to open our eyes to the new within the “old”, and see things we have missed before. Potential to make the most of the new opportunities that will most certainly present themselves before us. And potential to grow in that much more grace than last week.

Yup, there’s no telling what this next stretch of 7 new days ahead will bring. Breathtaking scenery, long stretches of nooooothingness, a wild ride, even a train wreck… Maybe a strange odyssey incorporating all of it?

But I’m just here to say that we might as well make the most of it and enjoy the ride. Because, after all, as they say:
Monday, Monday, ba daaaa, baaa da daa da – it’s here to stay.

The Mamas & The Papas - Monday Monday GIF | Gfycat
Photocredit: gfycat

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