PODCAST- Becoming a King, and Owning all our Awkward… with Morgan Snyder

If you’ve hung around these here parts for any length of time, you know that we hold dearly to our core principles, beginning with the dearest of the dear, that being the clarion call to “Own Your Awkward”.

I gotta tell you, though, for this particular episode with Morgan Snyder from Ransomed Heart Ministries, that little value of ours was put to the test, and I was tempted to edit the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks out of it.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a great conversation, not just about Morgan’s new book, “Becoming a King”, but about, oh a lot of things. The “new normal”. God as “gender full”. Acknowledging wounds, and healing hurts. The man’s got insight, let me tell you. In fact, so much so, that at one point in the conversation it took a turn toward the vulnerable, and I had to make a choice as to whether I’d keep that part to myself, or share it with you all. (I’ll let you figure out where, though it probably won’t be hard). But in the end, I decided not to edit it out, cause, well, sometimes a little vulnerability makes for a much more interesting conversation. And who knows, maybe something in my awkwardness might even resonate… as long as it’s not too awkward, and doesn’t cross that TMI line, which is always fine, and you never quite know when you’ve crossed it, but of course, everyone else knows.

So, you’ll just have to let me know. But do it nicely. We’ll live. We’ll learn.

In the mean time, enough of this preamble. Just go ahead and listen. That’s what you’re really here for.

Get Morgan’s book and his 6 week video series here:

2 thoughts on “PODCAST- Becoming a King, and Owning all our Awkward… with Morgan Snyder

  1. Nancy,

    Thank you so much to hold this interview with Morgan. I was not sure if Becoming A King would be a book for a woman to read but now I have no doubt. Many of the topics that Morgan talked about touched me. I look forward to reading the book and finding out more truth about men’s hearts and also about women’s hearts.

    Also good to know more about you too. Of course you are well worth the time and space!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Helena, for your very kind words! I so enjoyed meeting you at last year’s Captivating event… and looking forward to our paths crossing again. ❤️


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