PODCAST-Sons and Daughters and Men and Women and Stuff… with Kathleen L. Maher: writing machine!

She’s back on the Isle… and not just because I strong-armed her, being the big sister and all (which I am not above doing)… but the girl’s got a brand new book out. And it’s GOOD, ya’ll (I can say y’all cause it takes place in the south. I am not misappropriating culture here).
And you should read it!
But first, you should listen to this conversation, cause, well, it’s two sisters talking, for one. And there’s Gone With the Wind trivia, too.
And I’m pretty sure at one point one of us breaks out into our best Edith Bunker vocal stylings. I’m not saying who. But now you must know. So… here you go:


Now she doesn’t look like the relative of a Misfit at all, does she? And yet… there she is: My Sister. The author! Pardon me while I gush :^)

You can find herbooks Here:

& here

and follow her here:

& here



I have it on good authority, that one lucky comment-er here will win
themselves THEIR VERY OWNe-copy of the book, So… comment away!
Winner announced Weds April 17th

10 thoughts on “PODCAST-Sons and Daughters and Men and Women and Stuff… with Kathleen L. Maher: writing machine!

  1. Hi Nancy. Thank you so much for having me back on the Isle! I’m so thrilled to have my hammock back that I am offering an e-book to a random commentor.
    And please, pass the poi.


  2. Hi Nancy, it’s great to be back here on the Isla de Miss Fiet. I’m so happy to have my hammock back, that I am offering one random visitor an ecopy of the new book.
    Oh, and please, pass the poi.

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  3. End it looks like our winter is Debbie T chosen by random(dot) org

    Congratulations Debbie. And thank you to you and Paty both for leaving a comment

    Liked by 1 person

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