Introducing… SCARY MONDAY!!!😱


Seeing how Halloween is nigh upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce a thing, that til now, has just been a thing on my Facebook page, but I thought “Hey this thing should be a thing here as well” (Wow, that was a long sentence).

So here’s the thing about the “thing”.

It’s all about doing something, every now and again, that skeers you. Hopefully not something that results in medical bills or legal retainer  fees. But something that you love to do. But you’re scared to put yourself out there. Like I am right now. Something like that there.

Oh, and it doesn’t have to be a Monday. Any day will do. I just like to be scared at the beginning of the week. Leaves plenty of recovery time before the weekend.

So yeah, there you go. Welcome to Scary Monday.  Here’s my first submission.


I hope to have more of these Scary Mondays … and I’d love to hear from you!

What scares you? If you’re feeling really crazy, maybe we’ll share your scary thing one of these Mondays.

Cause remember, courage is not the absence of fear… but being scared to death, and doing it anyway.



3 thoughts on “Introducing… SCARY MONDAY!!!😱

    1. Oh, for any number of reasons… not the least of which harkens back to the “Who Did You Think You Are?” post.

      There’s more, so much more (I have issues)… but that’s why I want to fight the good fight, and silence that meanie little shutter downer voice… and hopefully encourage a few others to deal with their meanie little internal voices accordingly as well!


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